Seeking The Holy Grail.

All Golfers who are looking to improve are seeking something that will unlock their swing and send their game into overdrive.The only problem is that they may be looking in the wrong place.

Golfers are seeking a coach, teacher or mentor with all the answers. I’ve had many students who are seeking the “magic pill” or “bullet” that has eluded them, this whole time. They are looking for the tip that suddenly changes everything. They trawl the internet, wade through books and magazines for tips, they copy their buddies or worse, listen to them. People will literally try any and all methods to improve without ever considering the most important thing.

They have all the tools necessary to play better golf, WITHIN them already.

For many, the problem lies in their relationship with their game, their understanding of how they operate and more importantly how they learn. People bring a sense of fear, frustration and confusion to the golf course with them that forbids them from ever learning the game their way. People have attitudes of resignation and doubt, so much so that they prevent any real progress when at the course or the driving range. Standing there with thoughts that their swings are broken or inadequate and that they CAN’T do it properly will prevent them from ever really enjoying the game or the game’s learning curve.

Golf is difficult, perhaps one of the toughest games to master. It’s almost true that no-one has ever truly mastered it. The game has gotten the better of even the very best players in the world, at one time or another. The challenge of this game is that it’s never really beaten and most all players would like to get that little bit better.

What if there was a way to tap into our own innate skills and use them and our own thought processes to discover how to play our game with more freedom, understanding of it and connection to it. I believe it’s all in our own APPROACH to it that will define the difference we seek.

Negative thoughts block creativity and that negative energy takes more effort too. I believe that we have to approach golf with a creative and curious mindset to truly learn the game and all its intricacies.

Creatively approaching a practice session rather than looking to hit EVERY shot straight and far can truly become a great experience. Just imagine hitting different types of shot to different targets and feeling how you can create those results. Start small, with short shots just trying to feel the impact of the ball on the clubface. Just notice what feels good and what doesn't. People realise very quickly what the sweetspot of the face feels like. That's a small win, but it's still a win.

Aim to learn something small each time you go to the range. Change you stance and see the change in results. Change your ball position forward and back and note the differences. Try different swings with an open, curious mind and see what works. You’ll find it’s a much more rewarding process and with each small win, you'll become a better golfer with more understanding of the tools and skills you have within you.

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