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SG365 - Day 22 – Be the golfer that people want to play with.

A key strategy in life coaching is to imagine exactly what you don’t want and then write down the exact opposite. So, for this one, imagine the worst playing partner ever! You all know one, angry, shouty, obnoxious and self-centred. The list goes on… By the way, If you don’t know someone like that… it’s you.

Notice how YOU are with your playing partners. Aim to be more considerate, helpful, fun, compassionate and interested in them. The more outgoing you are, the better, but be measured too. You’ll be amazed how many people enjoy the day with you more. You’ll enjoy your day too, you’ll play better and you’ll get invited to the nicest places. #BeNice #beabettergolfer #golfisfun #happy #smilemore #synergygolf365 #strategy365

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