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SG365 - Day 25 – 200 yards over water? What do you hit?

Imagine the scenario, 200 yards over a pond to a small green. Regardless of your skill level this is a risky shot. Think about it. What are your chances of knocking it on from 200 out? What are the consequences? What are you meant to shoot on that hole? Are you seeking glory or a decent score?

The simplest thing to do… Hit 2 100 yard wedges or similar. Now, your ego might get a bashing and your playing partners might egg you on to have a go. But think, what kind of round are you playing? Is it “Gung Ho” or is it more conservative? If you want to score better, ignore the peanut gallery and hit the wedge twice. You’ll be amazed at the end of the round. #coursemanagement365 #golfing #playwithinyourself #coursemanagement #playconservative #synergygolf365

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