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SG365 - Day 27 – Kobe and his work ethic.

I grew up in Scotland so was never fully aware of what Kobe Bryant achieved in his glittering career in the NBA. One thing that I had a very great sense of, when I began to know what he did, was HOW he did it. His work ethic and commitment was the deciding factor in him outshining his peers. He worked longer and harder and had more curiosity in how to get better than almost anyone in his game.

As golfers, we can learn a lot from that. Clearly both games require talent to become the best but training skills diligently, for longer than your opponents or buddies will reap its own rewards. The more time you give to your craft, the better you get. Yesterday the world lost a sports hero, his desire to improve and work hard will outlast him. #strategy365 #synergygolf365 #kobebryant #NBA

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