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SG365 - Day 28 – Give yourself a break!

Golf is difficult. It’s hard to play well, but I constantly hear golfers deride their own abilities. Now it may be said in fun, but still. Do you really think you’re that bad at it? If you have shot anywhere under 100, you’re actually doing better than you think.

One of my beginner clients this year asked me, “Par 72… What does that mean? Is that what an average golfer should shoot?” I almost had to sit down when he asked me this. Of course it doesn’t mean that, that’s what an accomplished golfer is capable of. It struck me that, for most golfers, we are seeking an almost unattainable number, every time. Stop comparing yourself to the best in the world, or even to par.

So, when we shoot 90, we feel like we’ve played horribly. The average handicap is nearer 19, so 90 is a decent number. Give yourself a break. Smile more, stop worrying and start to enjoy it. #golftalk #golfishard #oldmanpar #parshouldbe90 #statemanagement365 #synergygolf365

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