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SG365 - Day 33 – The Buddy/Buddy system

Here’s an idea to help you to evolve as a golfer and enjoy the process too. I’ve noticed across the golf world, best friends and golf buddies tending to enjoy winding each other up or “yipping”. So much so, that it starts in the parking lot before the round or even on the drive up to the course. Now, I know that it’s mostly harmless fun or banter but I’ve a better way to look at this. Why not spend time getting to know the other person’s game. And once you’ve built some trust, begin the process of helping other to get better at their games. It’s very similar to the caddy/player relationship that you see on tour. If you begin to work together with someone, you can be there to assist, provide constructive advice and keep your friend’s head in the game, when they begin to “lose it”. This is way more fun and, in a spirit of collaboration, you may find that you both improve faster. An extra set of eyes is invaluable. You could even get some professional coaching together, to arm you with ideas and strategies to use with each other. #buddybuddysystem #friends #golfbuddies #synergygolf365 #strategy365 #oakville #golfing #golf

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