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SG365 - Day 36 – Stop comparing yourself to Rory and Brooks.

When Tiger emerged as THE best golfer of our age, the golf world changed. The best players now, watched Tiger as they grew up and have adopted many of his traits. They are really fit. They have cast-iron mental games, exceptional dedication and passion for the game. They work out hard in the gym and have hit thousands of balls every year since they were tiny. They have the best equipment, custom fit for purpose; they have teams of people helping them with every aspect of the games. They are the best they can possibly be. They are the top 0.05% of ALL golfers. Yet, we continually compare ourselves to them.

Stop it. They play an almost unrecognizable form of the game. There is an overwhelming idea across the golf world that we are all terrible at playing the game. This is purely based on our comparison with the 10, 50, or 500 people I just described. Unless you quit your job, practice and play 8 hours a day, hire a team of people to help, you’ll never reach the same level.

It’s great to marvel at them and watch them pound it out there 300yds plus and hit it close from all over the place, but when it comes to your own game, you must understand that we’re all at a different level. Relax, enjoy and take it a little less seriously. #theseguysaregood #pgatour #tigerwoods #rorymcilroy #brookskoepka #goat #synergygolf365 #statemanagement365

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