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SG365 - Day 39 – Play different courses.

One of the astonishing things about the best players in the world is their ability to play their best, no matter what golf course they are on. These men and women play a different golf course every week. Different grass, different conditions, different speed of greens, different climate, different continent.

If you are based at one golf club, you must endeavour to play at other courses. The danger is that, if you only play one course, you’re game will plateau. You’ll have the same situations, the same choices and, to some degree, you’re creative flexibility will diminish.

Go and test yourself at different courses, harder courses, courses with water, windy places, tighter tree-lined courses and wide open tracks. These places will give you the chance to experiment, be creative and test your abilities in very different situations. This will keep you sharp and also give you a broader knowledge of the game can be like. #strategy365 #synergygolf365 #playdifferentcourses #golfcourses #golfing #lovegolf #golfcoaching

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