Discovering Your Game

Most golf instructions and lessons get stuck, bogged down in technical instruction and how to swing the golf club. With Synergy Golf Coaching, I aim to change the way YOU learn to play the game. My fascination with how golfers play and learn golf has led me to teach very differently. Surely if you enjoyed the process of learning something, you would become better at it, faster and have more fulfillment along the way. My wish is that you'll play golf for the rest of your life and to do this, there are so many other areas that you can improve along with your swing.

If you're going to spend that much time playing this game, you should really START ENJOYING IT.

With me as your coach, you'll learn to:

Master your Mental Game;

Control your state;

Develop a winning mindset;

Create great strategies and an intention

on every shot you make;

Learn your reliable swing;

Enjoy your golfing life;

Discover YOUR Game.

Spring into the new season!


Our Driving Range is fully open and we're looking forward to another great season.


I'll be here all Spring, Summer and Fall, helping my returning clients and my new ones too to learn this wonderful game.

We have full Covid-19 safety measures in place for your safety and I provide masked and contactless lessons.

Vic Hadfield's Golf And Learning Centre is a fantastic place to practice and learn. Contact me now to book a lesson and change the way you play.

We are OPEN and I'm taking new clients!
Please check out the new look website for The Vic Hadfield Golf & Learning Centre, You can book me directly from the lessons page, choose your time and pay all in one place. I look forward to helping you with your golf and have a great 2021 season, Paul.