Discovering Your Game

Most golf instructions and lessons get stuck, bogged down in technical instruction and how to swing the golf club. With Synergy Golf Coaching, I aim to change the way YOU learn to play the game. My fascination with how golfers play and learn golf has led me to teach very differently. Surely if you enjoyed the process of learning something, you would become better at it, faster and have more fulfillment along the way. My wish is that you'll play golf for the rest of your life and to do this, there are so many other areas that you can improve along with your swing.

If you're going to spend that much time playing this game, you should really START ENJOYING IT.

With me as your coach, you'll learn to:

Master your Mental Game;

Control your state;

Develop a winning mindset;

Create great strategies and an intention

on every shot you make;

Learn your reliable swing;

Enjoy your golfing life;

Discover YOUR Game.

Winter Golf Lessons

We're back again for another Winter Season at the Oakville Indoor Golf Centre and it's already been a busy time for me with new clients and a lot of others who have already spent time with me through 2019. I'm very excited and grateful to be given the opportunity to coach and help people again at this great indoor teaching venue. I have availability throughout the week and on weekends, so please contact me and we'll get this journey started.


Synergy Golf Coaching 365 is my new social media pursuit. I will be posting one idea, concept or strategy every day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the entirety of 2020. The biggest thing you'll notice is that not one of these ideas will be technical, mechanical or have anything to do with how you swing the club. I'm committed to allowing golfers to improve their games without having to concentrate solely on their technique. I fully believe that these small ideas, when combined, will allow everyone to play better golf and enjoy this wonderful game so much more.


I am based in Oakville, Ontario and teach clients from all over the GTA. 


In the winter months, clients meet with me at Oakville Indoor Golf Centre. This indoor facility has everything clients need to work on their games in the winter months and they've invited me again to be one of their teaching professionals.


Vic Hadfield's is one of the most popular driving ranges in the area with both grass and artificial bays and full putting green and chipping areas. You'll be able to book lessons with me there all Spring, Summer and Fall.


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