From the old country, to the new...

Paul Cummings is a Golf Professional from Edinburgh, Scotland. He has taught and caddied in Scotland, England and Spain and is now helping golfers achieve their goals here.


In Scotland, Paul trained at St.Andrew's and worked as a caddie at Gleneagles before gaining his professional credentials as a golf instructor.  That knowledge has allowed

him to help clients, of all skill levels,  by having a unique and innovative approach to the game. Paul has completed numerous golf teaching training courses, is an Authorized Instructor of The Golfing Machine and is also a trained practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). He has a delivery style that allows the golfer to truly explore their own capabilities without judgement, swing-models or what's "right" and "wrong".

Golf has so many facets and Paul is aware that his clients can improve any or all of these to play better golf.


"Paul is exactly the kind of individual I would want working with me. He has something that can't be coached, the ability to make people want to be around him and learn what he has to offer."                              - Ronnie Martin, PGA of America

Paul cares tremendously about everyone he works with. And, once you realize how much he cares about helping his clients become better, you realize just how much he knows in regards to how to help. Paul's energy and enthusiasm is contagious. His short game clinics and on course caddy lessons build a desire to practice and improve your score and his approach to the mental game, builds confidence in golfers to believe in their ability to reach new heights.

- Dee Farmer, Oct 2018 

"Few people are truly on a path of self-development, but it is obvious listening to Paul, that he is most certainly one of them. He is an asset to the Golf Industry."

Kendal McWade, founder of Instinctive Golf


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