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SG365 - Day 38 – An old man’s game?

I’ve said it before, that we’ve got a whole lot of time to play golf, well into our 70’s and beyond. That said, the professional game has dragged golf into the modern age and, with the advances in fitness levels amongst the pro’s and technology, it truly looks like a young man’s game.

At the amateur level however, which accounts for almost 99.9% of all golfers, you can learn a lot from looking at the more senior players at your local club.

I remember talking to a member recently who had just been destroyed in a Matchplay match against someone almost double his age. He couldn’t believe how this “old guy” has so comprehensively bested him. But think about it. How many times has the older guy played that track? How well does he know the greens? Is it likely that he knows where to miss a hole, to leave an easier chip shot? Is he playing more conservatively, due to a loss of distance? Does he chip and putt like he’s been doing it for years? Guess what… He has.

Take time to study the older guys who’ve been out there forever. Ask them for some sage advice from time to time. You might be surprised just how much they know. Experience in golf is everything. #learnfromtheoldguys #lifeintheolddog #synergygolf365 #synergygolf #golfphilosophy365

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