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SG365 - Day 40 – Tee Height… Any ideas?

In this age of technology, club and ball advancement and Trackman, sometimes the basics get lost underneath the weight of information. Now, this might sound like I’m being super obvious and mind-numbingly simple. But remember, I’m looking for the little pieces that add up to the bigger picture and I do see golfers make this mistake often.

I once saw a pretty decent golfer tee up a 3-wood far too high, take an almighty swing at it and miss the ball completely, sending the tee down the fairway and the ball falling to the ground at his feet!

Ask yourself, are you precise and accurate when you push a tee peg into the ground? Depending on the club, whether it be Driver, 3-Wood, hybrid or Iron, there is a very specific height which you should decide on prior to hitting the shot,

As we progress through SynergyGolf365, you’ll realize that I’m aiming to teach consistency from the tiniest piece to the largest. Take your time on the range to perfect the correct height for each club that you choose. You’ll quickly realize the optimum height that gives you the best result. Take note or get used to using your fingers as the guide to the right height. Put the club in behind the ball and check. Simple but important. #teeitup #teeheight #consistency #synergygolf365 #golfequipment365

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