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SG365 - Day 29 – Use Alignment sticks!

If you look along a driving range, anywhere in the world, you’ll see countless people practicing. Unfortunately, you’ll only ever see a small handful of people using any kind of alignment aid. This never ceases to amaze me. Why would people not want to use something to help them point to a target. If you look at any coverage of the driving range at any tour event on the TV, you’ll see the pros with sticks on the ground. Even it’s just for 5 or 10 swings, they’ll do it and they’ll do it consistently. At that level, it’s all about the subtlest of changes to get the edge over the field.

I would urge everyone to make the change and start to use sticks. Even to begin with, just lay a club down parallel to your feet line and check to see where you are pointing. Doing this repeatedly will start the process towards you setting up consistently. You can use a second stick or club (pictured) to indicate your ball position in relation to your feet. Consistency comes from being consistent in our actions. #alignment #sticksontheground #consistency #synergygolf365 #practice365

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