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SG365 - Day 30 – Golf is a science experiment, and you’re the scientist and the guinea pig.

This came up in a recent lesson and whilst it made us laugh when I said it, I still think it’s an interesting point of view.

I think a lot of golfers get stuck with the idea that there are hard and fast rules about “how” to play and practice golf. Rules about how to swing and move to hit the ball straight. One of my missions as a coach is to explode these ideas.

Of course there are things that help you to play better and there are also things that will never work. Clearly one end of the club is better to hit the ball with, than the other.

What I’d love people to try is to become very much more curious and interested in what they “could” do with the club to get a variety of results, instead of feeling that they “MUST” do it a certain way. Try experimenting with an open-minded approach to what might happen. Try the idea of, “if I move the club this way, then the ball goes over there”, “if I do this, then that happens” and so on…

I fully that by doing this, we become more creative, more connected to the tasks at hand and golf becomes suddenly way more fun. Try it for yourself. #golfscience #curiosity #openminded #synergygolf365 #golfphilosophy365

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