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SG365 - Day 31 – Notice what you notice, change next round.

A very common post round conversation goes something like this, “Jim: Hey Bob, What did you shoot?... Bob: (pauses) Well, I had fun…” Two things are evident. Most people are way too interested in the score, as the ONLY way to analyze a round. And, most golfers would rather say “I had fun” than divulge the number (unless they had a great score).

I think there’s a massive opportunity for people to improve their golf by analyzing their rounds in different ways. I think we need to look at our games from angles like, was I focused? Was I easily distracted? Was I fully committed to my shots or choices? Was I “into it”, or “way off?” After a round, notice what made the round a success? If you putted well that day, ask why?

Identifying your successes, however minor in a round is a way better practice than reminding yourself of the horrors of the day. You might even wait until later in the day to reflect on that day’s golf. What you find might surprise you. Build on it and remind yourself next time out. #postgameanalysis365 #synergygolf365 #oakvillegolf #golfing #buildonsuccess

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