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SG365 - Day 34 – When you practice, where does your focus go?

This came up again in a lesson today, as we discussed how to practice the changes that my student has decided to make. We talked about what a typical practice session looks like. It might an hour of hitting balls and in that time, you might hit around 70 shots. We talked about how you could approach this hour and how to split it up into different disciplines. No matter how you decide to split up your practice time, the secret to a fruitful session is where you put your focus.

Both you and I know, it’s hard to concentrate for 5 minutes, never mind 60. Clearly our brain wanders and we get led into different parts of the swing that we suddenly notice. We get distracted and it’s difficult to bring ourselves back to the task we wanted to stick with. Even worse, is when the ball becomes the coach and the previous result dictates the next attempt.

It’s critical that we all learn to focus on one idea, movement, sensation or swing thought for 4 or 5 swings. We must aim to have all our energy committed to focusing on that one thing. Then we can switch our focus and make 4 or 5 more swings with our attention on another idea. You can’t think of it all at once, but over time, it will begin to flow and better and you’ll get better results. #golfpractice #focus #patience #synergygolf365 #practice365

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